Enough with the gold for the time being, jump back over to silver.

Another silver wave coming soon.

Where do you Buy from?

Do you hold OR they?

Are you biuying bullion, coins OR ???

Coin show. Coin shop. Pawn shop. Craigslist. Anywhere.

C’mon. :roll:

Bullion coins (buying for not much over spot). Nothing numismatic for me.

And what is you prediction for silver, Oh great one!

$50 by Christmas, $145 by end of next year. It’s been flat for a while now, look for it to start climbing again next week as the dollar begins to drop like a stone beginning this coming Monday morning!

Nick, if you bought silver when you recommended it recently, you lost your shorts. :roll:

$42 down to $38

I know…personally! But Nick is a smart guy and its a temporary loss ( I hope)! I did not plan on buying the silver and selling it the next day. But I bought and am down but do believe its going to go up. I don’t regret buying it, look pretty in my lock box.

Think “long term”. You haven’t lost anything as long as you are holding on to your precious metals. Take a look at the long term trends; has been steadily rising for years. The only time you lose is if you sell when it is less than what you paid for it. So far we have done well sitting on it…like an egg.

Gold popped tonight on the open Silver barely wiggled.


Keep sitting. Dollar going lower.

I am not going anywhere

Silver has all the room to pop now. Gold probably has room, I just can’t be as certain as I am about silver.

Wrong. Silver went much more than gold did tonight.

Anyway, they’re both up.


Not at the open which is all I said Nick:roll:

They’re both up. And the dollar nose dives starting tomorrow morning.

was told by an insider it could hit $300.00

as of 10:44

gold up 46.40
silver 1.84

source was kitco



I’ve been saying it for a while now.

It’s going to get even worse. Right now the American economy is in a panic, and the European markets are next.

While this is happening, GOLD is up $61 today. Coincidence?

The sleeper in all this is silver. Silver is traditionally valued much higher. Based on the past ratio to Gold, silver COULD have a nice pop coming up…when it finally catches up.

Its a comin…