Tips on Disability Insurance

I am considering disability insurance…wondering if there are any companies that serve our industry, or if some of you have referrals to a good source to discuss policies.

Good topic Dan, I’ve considered it from time to time.
Very expensive of course but important to look into.
I’ll be interested to hear the responses.

Damn I wish I still had it when I got hurt. Mine was kick a-s but I lost that with all my other perks when the construction industry plummeted.

You “lost” it or you “chose” to give it up/let it lapse/not to renew?

Like before… the choices you make…

I have mine through Northwestern Mutual. I pay around $75 a month for $3k per month in coverage, meaning if I become disabled, I’d get $36k a year. Certainly not close to the inspection income but enough to pay minimal bills. Premiums vary depending on age, health, etc though

I guess I mis-typed. I did not Lose it I choose not to renew it due to my lack of currency. Thanks for being so concerned though. I’ll take your excellent advice in the future :slight_smile:

Dan, this is something that I can help you with. We have a specialist in our office for you to speak with that helps work with all our clients to help protect your livelihood. I would be glad to put you in touch with him. Please email me and I will get you his information to just start the conversation.