Health, Dissability etc.. Insurance

OK what do some of you do or have for Disability, workers comp insurance ? As we all know our businesses and income will stop if we become injured, sick or some other issue prevents us from performing our Inspections. What do you do or what can we do?

Nick, why can;t NACHI come up with some type of disability plan for us?


My disability costs about 200 a year and would pay out about 1800.00/month if I were unable to work. That’s not a lot, but you can get more for only a small amount.

It’s not a big expense, get it.

Who is your disability insurance with?

Northwestern Mutual

Is the policy own occupation or total disability? I’ve found most policies that any of us can afford will only pay out in full if you’re totally disabled, so figuring you can make 8 bucks an hour at taco bell they’re only on the hook for 500 a month.

I would have to check on that, but if I can work, then I’m not totally disabled and I will work somehow.

Just wanted to put my two-cents in. I have been out for the most part since January of this year, with open Heart Surgery in March. I have insurance through my wifes work for most of the expenses, saving has covered most the rest for now. As for income to keep the family going, without my wifes job I would be on the curb.
There has to be an affordable way to have insurance and some income in events just like this. You should plan on 10 months to a year to be safe.
I hope to be back in a small capacity by the end of August.
Live each days as it comes gentlemen.

Good to hear you are still alive, Steve! :wink:

Thanks Steven.

Take care of yourself, and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Are you planning on returning to inspecting, retiring, or considering other options?

I have spoken to Schuyler W. Hellings at ch insurance because they had a plan like this for a very short period through aig, but it collapsed. Some of thew companies that spam here should have some plan that would help us other than only selling GL and E&O plans.


Northwestern is VERY good. How the policy works you can typically get up to 60% of your regualar income in benefeit. If you normally make $1000 a week, you can only get a max benefeit payment if totally dissabled of about $600. It is calculated by pay stubs (or average tax return). Not sure about getting an AFLAC on top of it or anything like that.

God bless you, Steven, with a healthy recovery.

This is a good idea and something we at FREA tried to implement for our membership years back when I was working at Willis of Delaware. We had a voluntary life insurance program, dental, etc., etc, although I can’t recall if DI was on the list or not. Oddly enough, the carrier ultimately shut it down because there was not enough participation. Unless you have some critical mass, it’s hard to get a program for an association.

Your best bet would be to purchase a DI policy on your own through one of the individual carriers like Guardian, Met Life, Mass Mutual, etc., etc. Here is a good website that can give you a quote.

Thanks Ben for your reply and help.


Thank You for all your thoughts.
Jeffrey, yes, I am planning to come back as best I can. I have lost alot of clients, but what the heck, it will give me some goals to shoot for.
Yes James, I’m still here. Thank You and Kathy for thinking of me.

Perhaps it’s time to bring on an assistant to train and hopefully someday sell your business to when you retire?

That was my idea with Steve. We was going to hire another inspector, train him, sell him the business, then we both retire and buy a titty bar together. :cool::smiley:

That is a grand idea…

Whenever you are ready to come back to work, I got plenty of it for you. Remember last year, when we was turning down so much work, this year has not slowed down none either. Even when you do come back, we still need to hire another inspector. Have not really found anybody locally yet, that I feel will make a really good inspector. Ran into Jim (the Industrial Hygienist) and his wife up in Columbia, his wife was nagging about him retiring. When he retires from field work, we will get a lot of his clients by what his clients have been telling me. I figure I will need at least two more mold inspectors, when that happens.:shock:

Just take care of yourself, Steve, and do not worry so much. Tell your wife if worst comes to worst she can get a second job.:mrgreen:

Every single man’s dream!!! :wink: