Insurance and what to do

Hello all,
I was wondering what kinds of insurance you guys carry in the event an injury occurs which prevents working? Like, do you carry short-term disability policies? Long-term disability policies? What about life insurance?
I have been doing this a little while am finally gaining some traction. I’d just like to make sure my family is taken care of if something should happen to me.

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Yes. My wife and I are heavily insured so that in the case that one of us is either injured or dies, there will not be an immediate financial hardship. We review our insurance needs every 5 years or so. We will probably reduce our coverage the next time we renew because we recently paid off our mortgages and our financial needs are less now than a few years ago. My wife and I both work. No Kids. Everyone has a unique situation, so I recommend talking to your tax guy or financial advisor if you have one. Otherwise, check out for tons of helpful info.


I went many years playing the “no health insurance” lottery, gambling on my life. I think @bhull1 gave good advice but health insurance is expensive for a small business or independent contractor. I had to go outside the box with my plan. It is basically major medical with a limited number of covered office visits a year. You can instant message me and I will get back to you when I get back in town, I’ll give you my specific insurer and you can use it to shop around with. I can tell you this, it has no tax benefits at all. Best of luck and welcome.

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I also went from 2009 to March 2014 when I fell on ice in front of my house and broke my wrist,couldn’t work. I bought critical illness and injury insurance. I hate insurance but it is a nessasary evil.

Luckily my wife works for a large employer and gets great insurance for both of us at a reasonable rate; much less than I would have to pay as self employed.

I think it is unfair that we all pay much different rates depending on who we work for. The system is broken. (and corrupt)


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Bert, I agree. Absolutely broken and corrupt. Health insurance is one of the biggest roadblocks to entrepreneurship. And sometimes I feel like that is the goal. Keeps everyone working for “the man” or dependent on government.


Great advice from bhull1 on Also you might want to look at Impact health share. ( this is a link from my networking sight- any one can call and get information. You can join without becoming the part of the group).
Great savings- not health insurance but a good deal with great savings.
I also have accident insurance. Lots of options in that area. I have a insurance broker for everything else.

I’m somewhat lucky and have medical insurance through my wife’s company. I recently went out a got disability insurance, which I’d always had in the back of my mind for the last 10 years. Feel much more at ease now.

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