TiR1 Owners

Before I make the final plunge, would some TiR1 owners please offer feedback on product satisfaction. Thanks.

Hi John, I am going to buy one also, soon, would you please tell me the price quote you received and from who?

Inspect.Arizona AT Gmail.com

Thanks John…


I just bought one last week and it showed up over the weekend. I am wearing my arms out testing all my friend’s homes. I am new to this, so I cannot add any informed opinions, but from the uninformed, I love it!

I got mine through John McKenna - he has a connection that offers a pretty good price.

Go for it.

I never had a problem with the battery life, the Software is great, the camera is a little on the larger size but the screen size is nice. Just like any IR camera, there is a learning curve.

Be bold and take the plunge… Hooyahhh! :mrgreen:

Call me if I can help.

I purchased a TIR1 from ACTool supply. A great buy! This is the BEST all around IR camera that you can get for building testing.
Tell them you are a NACHI member and say ‘Al’ referred you and that you want the ‘discount’.
You can get a great deal on a FLIR camera also BUT: the TIR1 is my favorite.
I have tested over 15 different cameras by multiple manufactures prior to purchase!

Love mine!! It does it all.

Looked at many, including FLIR.

Used several for 1 week in field (Flir & Fluke).

Liked Flukes clarity and software better.

Fluke has a 2 year warranty, ( pleaze get insurance), customer friendly fusion, TIR1 is perfect for building envelope, and offers some perks.!!!
Do you have level 1 or higher certification?
Slower hrtz than TIR4

I’ve been experimenting with my T1R1 for about 6 weeks. Very well pleased so far. Controls are easy and need only one thumb. Probably took me 30 minutes to get a good handle on how to get to whatever controls needed.

Video screen is adequate for anything I’ve tried so far. Battery life excellent.

For building science type work (HI, energy, leaks, moisture) I think this is a well designed and executed piece of equipment.

I have had a TiR for the past few months and think it works great. I tried the others but this one works great. Heres someting that I have added that works good if you are not using the Picture in Picture a Pin laser to help were you are pointing. The cost is $4.00 and is installed with (velco?).
see the attached picture.


Was wondering when someone would do this. I have another customer that attached a very bright LED light to the other side for low light situations.

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If the picture is clear enough you can see there are 2 buttons 1 is the lazer the other is a LED light.
$ 4.00 at Walmart.