Fluke TiR for $4045.oo

www.bergeng.com has the Fluke TiR listed for $4045.00. They are based in Chicago. I plan to call them tomorrow for more details.:slight_smile:

Good luck. Flir is the absolute leader in IR cameras.

thanks for the link.

Mr. Valley,

I was at a trade show this past weekend, and three vendors were set up with IR cameras. Flir, Fluke, and Monroe (I think). FLIR & Fluke did a model demo and Fluke was by far the best, as it outperformed the others in everything except battery life. The resolution with the Fluke is by far superior. Why do you believe that FLIR is the cats meow? I knew nearly nothing about IR cams, and still very little, but three reps were demo’ing their own comparable models, and the five passersby did the judging. Fluke was my choice at the end of the day.

Just curious?? Still learning.

If you want an UNBIASED opinion about what cameras are out there and which ones to look into go to http://www.thesnellgroup.com/ and ask there. The info there is great!! They actually have a webinar on which camera for what application. Fluke, FLIR, Mikron, Hot Shot, Razir and a few others all have cameras. It is like Ford or Chevy some have more bells and whistles, some cost a bit more and some have better/different warranties and service records ( My camera has been in the repair facility once since I have owned it, is it a bad camera? No). Some manufacturers offer training and so do other organizations. You can take your Razir, Fluke, Mikron, Hot Shot to the FLIR facility and get the same training as the ones who purchased the FLIR, You can also take your FLIR to Snell and get the same training there.



Berg doesn’t stock any thermal cams. They have to order them, and the turnaround would be longer than HI Essentials, as they order them as they are purchased.

Thanks, Dave

Thank you for the information, I was just about to call Berg.

What is the TiR - I find a Ti10, but no TiR

Do you think Berg would actually have them shipped to their and then to you? I think they would come straight from the manufacturer.


It’s right here.

Thank you for the link.

I just asked www.Inspectortools.com to match my price paid as they advertise on their site.

Everyone, please read my new post from Friday, more information regarding Berg Engineering. This was posted following my phone conversation with Stephen Berg. The cameras are shipped to Berg prior to delivery to the buyer. As you will see in the related post, Berg will begin stocking a few Ti-R’s and will monitor their stock. Two weeks is the normal shipping time from Fluke to Berg.

I’m looking at the Flir Bcam-SD vs the Fluke TiR ot Ti10 (within $100 of each other). Never seen then head to head. Has anybody else??

I like Flukes picture in a picture. I like Flir’s temp alarm and longer battery life.

Any thoughts.

I wouldn’t go with anything but Flir. Reason…They manufacturer quality cameras, their tech support is outstanding, They are only a twenty minute drive from my office, and their training courses are very informative and cover everything you need to know to get started in Infrared imaging.

Why do you need picture in a picture on the camera? You can do that with any image manipulation program.

Hi Dan.
I went from a Flir B cam to the Fluke TIR.
The reasons I like the Fluke are, Clearer picture,Larger screen, and the
The PIP , even with a digital photo, I found builders would open an area next to the area identified, and attempt to discredit the findings, after showing the customer I was wrong, their next step would be, telling the customer if they open any other areas the customer would be responsible for any Dry wall repairs if I was wrong *
Providing the findings in full screen, and PIP shut that option down, For the time being:)

The temp signal,
I don’t have that option, I would think the darn thing would be going off everytime at a window, HVAC register, smoke detector,or light fixture.

Battery life. Never been a problem, doing 2 a day, I just charge it ever nite, they do have car chargers, with the Flir you do need to restart the camera, and need to have the camera on to down load photos, Fluke you just remove the photo card.

Pricing. I went with the lowest $, with the most options,figuring with cameras changing like computers, get the most for the least $s today, and move up in a couple years opposed to being buried in a more expensive camera that would take longer to see a return.*

Dan, let me compliment you on a helpful post. Way to go.:slight_smile:


Not to discredit Davids expedience with Flir
I did have a problem with my B cam. Flir did correct it at no charge, no questions asked, problem was being on the other side of the country , mailing time and repair time was 10 business days.
Due to marketing IR inspections, and customers hiring me due to offering them, those 10 days cost me 1500.00 to rent a camera, I chose that opposed to not being able to provide the service I offered/ advertized.

I’m starting to like Dan Harris.

Oh crap. what can I do to change that, before you finish:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :smiley: :smiley:


When I started out in IR, I continuously weighed the PROS and CONS of which way to go (as far as training and camera options) and Flir always came out on top due to the location of their facility.

That’s is exactly why I chose to purchase the Flir B-2 camera. During my Level 1 Certification, I heard several attendees asking about the mailing costs and insurance of sending the cameras through the mail system. It can get quite expensive for the out of State individuals. But for me being in Massachusetts, when it comes time to calibrate or if I run into any technical issues…all I have to do is call Flir for an RNA number and simply drive twenty minutes to drop off my camera in person. It’s a very convenient option.

Another reason why I chose Flir was because there where no flight and hotel costs involved in the training. A hop, skip and a jump for a few days and I was done.