Today defect 6 year old home.

From today inspection. This is a 6 year old home. Build on a crawlspace. Who’s to blame. The framer or the plumber. The main beam misses the concrete piers in the crawlspace. Or it was moved to accommodate the main plumbing stack from the second floor. There is evdience of settlement, with the cracking of the linoleum floor directly over the main beam.

The answer to this question far exceeds the scope of a home inspection.

Must be related to this guy!:mrgreen:


The sequence of construction puts the floor framing well ahead of any plumbing. So the problem could have been caused by on or more of the following:

  • There were no plans and everyone made a wild a** guess.
  • They had plans but no one could read them.
  • The general superintendent had the plans but failed to communiucate to the subcontractors.
  • The list goes on and on…

Most problems associated with personnel boil down into two categories:
1.) They can’t do it - They do not have the skills or knowledge to do the job, so training is needed.
2.) They won’t do it - They have the knowledge and skills needed but choose not to apply them, discipline or fire the employee.

Your last statement about the linoleum floor. Linoleum is flexible an will not crack due to normal settlement. Your photo looks more like a seam that has come apart.

I have seen several homes where the center girder rests on the edge or off of the support peirs. Chock it up to illeagals who cant read plans while laying block possibly.

The ones I have seen usualy dont miss all of them, just some.

Guess they will just have to add some more support.

Bottom Line - Who cares; report it and keep moving

GC is ultimately responsible…but again that is not part of the scope of an HI.

That’s A.F.U. I have never heard of a plumber in Vero Beach, FL moving a main beam.

Correct! Report and keep going, or the job will take forever.