Today's daily door prize donated by CMI folks.

$25 gift cards to Home Depot. Only inspectors with less than two years experience are eligible for these prizes.

Winner should contact John McKenna to claim at

The CMI inspectors also want all the new inspectors to understand that we are here to help if they need us.

John McKenna

Me Me Me

Oops! Sorry, Licensed Home Inspector in Illinois for less than two years. Does that include 4 years of bridge, highway, hi-rises, and commercial. That was in a past life over ten years ago.
Sorry to complicate!

I will answer that myself! It’s okay to give it to another. I just got a bad case of extremly happy feet when I thought I could finally win.

I have less than two years!!

Hi Randy,

Did you used to inspect the wet side or dry side of bridges? I used to be in the commercial diving business and did a few hundred bridge inspections from the piers to the underside of the decking. I don’t run across too many people that used to work on bridges since I got out of that line of work a long time ago.

Why only less than two years as that puts me in limbo?
Is this where the tier systems begins? Ouch! lol

Dry side! But it was cool watching the folks on the wet side and really cool being able to be on site for blasting them down. A couple of projects come to mind Howard Franklin Bridge, Sunshine Skyway Bridge (I was on site when the blasted down a portion of it), both in Florida and another in Oklahoma but I can’t remember the name (though much smaller than the others mentioned). I had other assignments but on much smaller scale such as the Gandy Bridge over Tampa Bay etc. Exciting stuff!

There is a limit of four pizes on this today…

You must **post on this thread **to qualify, just like all
daily door prize offerings. Some of you are just
emailing me without posting on this thread.

The CMI folks wanted to reach out to our newer inspectors
and let them know that we want to help them. :mrgreen:

WE need 2 more.

I’ll take one John if there are any still available.

The Winners so far are

** Rosebrock

We need 2 more…

You must post on this thread to be a winner, just like all daily door prizes.:mrgreen:

I have less than two years

We still need 2 more
to post on this thread
to win the prizes. :mrgreen:

Bauman makes 3.

We need one more.

**We have 3 winners…


[size=7]We need ONE MORE…

You must post here
to win…:mrgreen:

We still need 1 more winner.:mrgreen:

Post here to win if you have less than 2 years experience as a home inspector.
These prizes are for our new inspectors.

Hi John, I posted on the other thread…

Started in winter 2006, so I think I qualify.

Thanks to the CMI folks, not only for the prize, but for their willingness to help others.

What other thread are you talking about?


i will take one if availible

**We have 6 winners… (correction)

***** Rosebrock