Today's Daily Door Prize donated by HomeGauge. Everyone wins.


Figures…snow day, stuck in the house, 3 feet and counting, and the prize is an everyone wins prize and not the new truck! :wink:

Actually I’m kinda glad. I had stepped out for a few minutes…

Also I had been thinking about report writing software b/c I’m tired of my Word template.

I already use HG…highly recommend it./

Well since you brought it up…

The great state of Texas requires that I use THEIR report form. How does Homegauge deal with that?

Your area and the rest of the state is getting all the snow this time. We’ve only got about 4 inches. You can have it all:p

I’ve already got cabin fever, usaully doesn’t happen till Feb or so!


HomeGauge has a template just for Texas inspectors…go to and visit their message boards to find somebody who uses it…

Good luck!


Snow? is that French for something? Never heard of it, 82 degrees and sunny here in Tampa.

Snow is french for another season…something you folks in FL don’t have…been there done that, and while I miss the warmth once in awhile, I enjoy the changes that seasons bring. And here in my neck of Colorado, those changes oftentimes occur 2-4 times per day.

Forecast for Saturday shows 60 degrees and sunny…today it is 25 degrees and STILL snowing.

Some of us Tony are probably more finely tuned to the sublties of nature to appreciate nuanced differences of the changing seasons. Like the brisk 65 degree fall mornings and the rather cool 80 degree fall days.:stuck_out_tongue:

I do not need to have 3 feet of snow to know Thanskgiving is comming.:smiley: