Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Mike Crow.


I Will Take 2 Tickets If You Have Any Left,‘lost Count’

Wendy 6
Mike 2
Russell 2
Jamie 2
Mario 2

Leaves 11 more. Who wants them?

John Bowman
Elmira, NY
Two tickets.

Brian Kelly
Phoenix, AZ

2 please :slight_smile:

Nick, if thee is still enough, I could use 4 tickets.
Thanks much,

Hey Im going to be all-alone down there:(<sniff> I’ll take one please! :smiley:

I cant wait to see Wendy under a spell.:shock:

Ahem. I am SO not going up there! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll sit with ya Peter. :wink:

Please take pictures of “Inspector Wendy” under
hypnotic spell… We can include these images
on her new web page…:wink:

Aaaaaaaaaaaack!:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

You got it John!! What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,… unless its captured on a camera and used for blackmail! hehehe


Let’s stay in Vegas Wendy

Hey Im going to be all-alone down there:(<sniff> I’ll take one please! :smiley:

Peter, awwww, you won’t be all alone-why don’t we all go together? It will be great-hey, maybe we can have him hynotize Nick to …
i don’t know-anyone have any great ideas?:slight_smile:

Okay. But he can’t stay in the room. :wink: I’ll wake up to find him sleeping at my feet. :smiley:

Gary…you coming to Vegas too?

men, men everywhere! :wink:

Pssst…Jamie…Don’t tell Peter but one of the six tickets I got was for him. Two of the others were for you and your husband, but you ordered some too so I’ll just have to save them for Brad and Angelina. :wink:

Uh…you mean…permanent like?:shock:


Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! We’ll have fun! Yeaah, lets have them put Nick under, give out daily door prizes to anyone who says “ASHI” to him! :mrgreen:

As long as it’s not me up there. Thank goodness! :wink:

Oh Wendy,… your going too! :smiley:



You guys will all have me taking my clothes off!:shock: