Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Rachael Wheat of Palm-Tech.

A FULL version of DUAL-VIEW (value $399).

Winner can contact…

Rachel Wheat
Palm-Tech Inspection Software
888-736-2462 Toll free

… to claim prize.

First member to reply to this post with his/her name, city, state, and NACHI ID# wins.

Did I Win???

darn slow computer-I was interested in that earlier.:smiley:

Yeah, I was too busy responding to the creeps on the board who have nothing better to do besides criticize people who didn’t do anything to harm them.

Congrats Paul! :slight_smile:

I was too until I seen that fly ball going over the fence and reached out and snagged it…thanks

What is it? I looked on the site and couldn’t find it.

Hi Wendy,
Nick posted something about it earlier. Heres the site.
It looks great if you use a thermal camera.

Nick has not responded yet??? whats up.

Paul wins! Nice prize.

See ya all tomorrow with another Daily Door Prize.

if you can’t use it … don’t be afraid to pass:D

um…kinda like the last prize I won, got my credentials and all that stuff in place and look what happens…I win a high $$ part of it.

Thank you NACHI…

It’s a good thing they aren’t putting in a rule about winning multiple times in a month eh Paul? You are about as lucky as I am. :slight_smile: That’s awesome that everything is falling into place for you like that. I couldn’t be happier for you. :slight_smile: