Today's daily door prize. First IAC2 member to reply wins.

Me Me—:stuck_out_tongue:

Dale wins! Shipping.

Nick…what the heck is a **First IAC2?—I have no idea, but you can call me anything you want except late for dinner—:stuck_out_tongue:

Oh…and Thanks for the T-400 you sent also, for the Dead Thread “First 100 who reply” …WOW —I have been helping you out on that deal for the last four or five months, in case you didn’t notice—:smiley:

I have been Sending Rosetta Stone English Language CD’s to all the respondents to you’re Dead Expired Thread—;-)–:shock:—:stuck_out_tongue:

Here is where I have helping you out Nick…I been doing my darnedest—:stuck_out_tongue:

If Dale isn’t IAC2… than ME !!!

Hi Jeff…what the heck is a IAC2-?—sounds like a new Flu strain—:stuck_out_tongue:

Well I have been working so hard on the “First 100 who reply Thread” for Nick I deserve another FLAIR T-400----:p…You can have the Book—:mrgreen:

Jeff, do you have ANY idea how many Rosetta Stone English CD’s I have sent on Nicks behalf to members of this org?-----Generally 20-50 per day----:stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, I do… all I can do is shake my head everytime I see the thread title at the top of the new posts list.


(Maybe I better look into buying stock for the company that produces the Rosetta Stone system).

Don’t work to hard, buddy… save your energy for the finer things in life!!!:wink:


Jeff and Dale both win a book. Shipping you each one tomorrow.

Awesome Nick, thank you. !!!:smiley:

Well I think I’ll be one too than Jeff—:smiley:

Ole Nick is always onto something—!

You make any money with this, I can count on one hand how many calls I’ve had for Radon Testing, but I wouldn’t mind being certified or licensed to do the testing, I’m not even sure what AZ law is regarding Radon testing, I have never looked into it.

Probably a need for it if one advertised having the service available…kinda like thermal imaging, never know what the demand is if you don’t advertise the service. :slight_smile:

Received mine today Nick… Thanks again!!! :D:D

So did I, plus a bonus, Thanks Nick…!

Interesting reading, which will be put to use.

what do i win? a lot of interesting stuff to read

Me! Me! Me!
Did I win… Huh… Huh Did I… Did I??? :|.)

You are a sick man Frank!!:mrgreen: