Just thought I’d share my glee with all of you. I finally got off my hiney and passed the Certified Residential Mold Inspector exam through the American Indoor Air Quality Association. I should get my official designation sometime late this month or early next month. Hooray.

Congrats and good for you!!

Good Work Dylan, It can be a interesting field

Thank you gentlemen.

And yes Dennis, it already is an interesting field. Any of you guys can get this too. Just visit the AIAQA website and see if you meet their requirements. You need to have at least 2 years exp, have a couple references, fill out their app, and of course pay them:roll:. You test at a local proctoring site. Next up is Certified Indoor Environmentalist.

Good job, the AmIAQC certification will pay off.
Start on the CIE as soon as possible.
We got ours a couple years ago and been busy ever since.
We hired a CIE from CT in May, would not if he wasn’t a CIE, worked out great for all.
Good Luck
Doug Wall, CIE, CRMI
Radon & Mold Professionals


These folks have their crap together!!

Haha. :roll: