Today's Daily Door Prize from

One pair of

First member to reply wins.

thanks nick

Bruce wins!

Dang late again. I never win anything around here. LOL

You can buy them here- way cheap too.

Boy I wish I’d been on the ball for this one. Those look pretty nice.

Another old one.

Always remember to place your best foot forward.

Those are not the same quality Darren.

I use Bootie Shoe Cover and are worth every pennies!

10.01.08 I am on line today testing GREEN; time for a break. Also, this is the week I learn about my CMI results from the Board. Next, I will learn how to win a door prize. G.


Are congratulations in order and how long was the wait?


For $12.95 you can buy a pair of slippers at Wal-Mart guys.