Today's DIY plumbing :-)

A lot going on and most of it scary…

Dishwasher was discharged to the wye in the right sink, garbage disposal was discharged through a hole in the wall directly into the drain line behind the cabinet wall and very little of it (except the right sink) was trapped…

Some people should only do sheetrock… :mrgreen:

81 Sans Souci St 075.jpg

81 Sans Souci St 072.jpg

81 Sans Souci St 070.jpg


What is the water supply running with.From the picture it looks red,so is that what they call PEX.I have never dealt with that stuff.
Thee dishwasher drain looks like small diameter vinyl.I guess a Little deodorizer down the disposial will take care of that lovely sewer smell.
Guess that is what the spray can is for.

Good catch Mike.

The house is a 45 year old complete remodel downtown Charleston (North of the Crosstown) and I really liked it overall. I’m glad they’re trying hard to rejuvenate areas that historically have been depressed (if that’s a PC word) but sometimes the actual craftsmanship leaves a little to be desired.

81 Sans Souci St 001.jpg

Is the dishwasher discharged into the right sink (at the wye) and into the disposal, via a split connector?? That’s what pic #3 looks like.

it looks to me the the disposal is not trapped as it discharges into a PVC tee after the sink trap. I also see the diswasher drain line going to a Wye then to both the diswash fitting on the disposal and the dishwasher fitting on the sink tail piece. Definately DIY with little understanding of what they were doing.

Here is the Badger 5 manual.

Right, I realized there wasn’t a trap for the disposal. I just couldn’t tell if that was what I was seeing with the dishwasher drain. :slight_smile:

Gotcha Brian. I didn’t read your post quite right.:slight_smile:

That is why I mentioned the lovely sewer smell.Guess I was too vague.