Nice dishwasher setup

Came across this yesterday. I guess they didn’t like the air-gap so they disconnected and went with direct hook-up. Maybe because it got in the way of their NM cable and plug wiring. Or maybe because the drain line was too short to connect to the air gap so they pulled down the pipe leaving a gap between the extension tube and the trap.

Do ya think they read the directions?

nice uphill drain.

Great call, Steve;

We call it a ‘high loop’ around here.


why not just hook it up to the disposal, where it belongs?

I like what looks like PB pipe in the background.

am i right in guessing this is either a mobile home or older modular home…sure looks like it

120v dishwasher, good eye, and sometimes a dead giveaway. But if that wasn’t your clue, i’d love to know how the inside of a cupboard tells you it a mobile, or mod. Tell oh wise one, for we are not wirthy:mrgreen:

The flat plug in background.
the all black drains for plumbing.
The xheap cabinets, that are seperating in the background.

These make it look like a mobile home. Is it?

The cabinet and the way the plastic water pipes are run tell me it’s a mobile home, so I’m going with Ben on that. Not sure about the all-black drains, though, since 95% of my inspections have all-black ABS drains.

I hardle ever see black drains inside, unless it is a mobile. Will occasionally see it in a stick built home. Rarely

So what do you see, Ben, if you don’t see black ABS plastic?

I find chrome and plastic chrome sometimes.

White - Pvc

For all the drainage pipes? Hmmmmmmmm. Perhaps white ABS plastic? They do have that, but it’s usually more expensive than black ABS. Or perhaps white CPVC?

Sorry CPVC. I left out the C

I vote its a mobile also for the same reasons. Before I read all the thread I saw the woodgrain paneling in the back of the cabinet and the black ABS plastic drains. It just screams mobile home. I could be wrong. I was once before.

Who cares if it is a Moble home or not,

Stephen did a good job on the pick-up of this item.


for your info;

A little nasty this morning, me thinks. :twisted:

Nevertheless, mobile homes/manufactured homes do have some idiosyncracies associated with them that one should be aware of if one is going to inspect them. They’re not quite the same as a single-family residence.

Thanks for the link, though. Very useful information.

1988 mobile…manufactured home…

Yes it had PB… although the main supply line was 3/4" pvc and not sch.40
all abs drains that were hooked up to a 4" pvc main under the home.

had original water heater,

water pressure was 80psi. no regulator, wonder how long this place will last…:mrgreen:

I forgot about this thread, anyway, it doesn’t matter whether it is a mobile home or not, and he did do a good job identifying, just thought it was mobile due to pretty much all of the items that others mentioned, was just making an observation of no real importance.

Almost all of our drain lines here are white schedule 40 PVC, and there is a bunch of CPVC used for the supply lines. Our mobile homes almost all have ABS drain lines (all black ****).

The 120v dishwasher isn’t any kind of a give away to me, since I’ve never inspected a home with a 240v dishwasher.