Today's door prize: Free MacBook laptop. First InterNACHI member-only to reply wins.

We bought it for a temporary staffer who didn’t last very long. It is a 13" computer and no one in the office wants it. Used but still in the box, like new.

To win, simply post your name, city, and website address. You must post all 3.

If you don’t have your own inspection business website or you are a member of any known diploma mill associations, don’t bother posting.

Drew Levy
Medford NJ

Drew Levy wins!

Drew, call Lisa Endza in and give her shipping instructions.

Wow! Thanks Nick. I’ll contact Lisa now.

Congrats Drew! I have shipped the computer out to you today.

MACS are great computers, I never use a PC unless I have to… :wink:

Wow awesome prize Drew!

Never had a MAC. Nice grab Drew.

Drew, you can just forward that to me, when you have time. =D>

Me, Me, Me, Me !!! :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Dang Nick,

IMac and IPhone- best there is. Once you try Mac, you’ll never go back!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Did I win
Dennis F.

Maybe it was a Big Mac…:roll:

I received the computer today! Thanks again to Nick, Lisa and InterNACHI for the opportunity to win this prize. My wife has already claimed the computer, so I will probably never get to use it unless something goes wrong with it.:mrgreen::mrgreen: There’s not much that I can do about that, as you cannot fight City Hall!:smiley:

Thanks again,



Daily Doorprizes are for Members only! Is your wife a member? Tell her to give it up, or you have to send it back! :twisted:

I’ll pass that along…NOT!:slight_smile:

Chuck Forman
Highlands Ranch Colorado

I know this is a little late but congrates to you Drew and thanks to Nick and Internachi for offering an instant in-house prize through the boards!

That’s the stuff I like to see.

Hendrik In Ottawa Canada