Todays find

Spotted this today while looking at some trim damage

Are you referring to the lack of one inch gap at the siding?
Are you talking about the step up ?

All too common here. I’ll bet that bottom piece was as soft as a fresh piece of bread…

Actually the porch sloped towards the house, look closely at the siding, and yes the siding was soft and the sidewalk had sunk so the step up was higher. All in all it was a mess…the home owner said that they were having problems with cracks and thought there was some foundation problems.

One picture hard to comment on. If they are suspecting foundation problem. For sure the porch slab slope for water intrusion. What else around exterior foundation? Gutter’s, downspouts, pitch of soil, condition of walls, any water intrusion signs in basement–the list goes on.

There are several deficiency with that landing.
#1: slope.
#2: flashing at the siding.
#3: Step elevation.

Mr. Young,

Did you read post #4 as well? What owner said.

Very good point Marc.
Suspect drainage issue if all that you mention are infact true.