Today's Inspection

Inspected a 60 year old “fixer-upper” today and found a lot of issues in the crawl. Several supports were added that were dry stacked blocks and brick or wooden shims. Note too the the joist sisters. I’m probably going to recommend a foundation specialist but what do you thinK There’s also some framing support issues in the attic that I’ll post later.

Well let me go back and find the pictures…

Here we go (I hope)




Good find Robert, I would ask to see if permits were pulled for the quick fix.



Looks like some blocks layed on their end as well.

Is that polybutylene piping to add to the mix?

I pretty sure it is PB. Let’s see, we had PB, the crawl issues, attic/ framing issues, roofing issues, and a Fed Pacific with Sta-Locs. The hits kept coming :wink:

Seems like your batting a 100 average Robert, good job, might as well add the inovative use of cinder block as they use to call it. ha. ha.
I guess people have not yet seen the proper use or installation of cement blocks.
What a mess.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:


I delivered the report today (40 pages for a 2 bedroom, one bath :shock: ). My client was very pleased with the thoroughness of the report but, man, I do hope my next one is a ready to move in 20 pager :wink:

No doubt in my mind Robert, that a 20 pager will be a vacation, after that one.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sometimes they are long.

But, really, that’s the job, ain’t it?

Really good calls. Crawling crawlspaced can be productive, and get you a reall good rep with the client. :mrgreen:


So true Will and it is quite satisfying once you are done… now if I could just remember to buy those knee pads…ouch!