But the house had a pre-listing inspection!

This house had a pre-listing inspection done by a local ashi inspector. There was no mention of the significant floor slopes or the over spanned, over notched, and lack of support to the floor framing. The floor joists were pulling away from the main beam. I also found that %95 of the windows and sliders leaked and had major damage to there framing.
In total about 25,000 in repairs, hmmm someone was working for the agent on this one.

The listing agent called me yesterday and said her inspector couldn’t have missed this stuff and that I was too nit-picky. The floor alone in a 4’ area had over a 5/8" deflection in the floor. When I asked my client to walk around in this area as I was underneath it looked as if someone was on a trampoline.

I’m sending her my cards and marketing material today:) . She should love that.





Plumbers will be plumbers. “Oh, sorry, we didn’t need those notches after all.”

Would like to have seen a pic of the joists “pulling away from the main beam”.

You can send them them that NACHI tidbit on “Is your Home Inspector Blind” !:smiley:


Notice someone went a little crazy cutting the notches in picture #2 the cut almost made it all the way through.:shock:

I hope they don’t get any snow in that area, at least not more than the 4" vent stack, I see the same thing here in Vermont. Maybe some builders don’t thing we get snow either.

And just think, a “Move In Certified” sign could have been in that front yard. :wink:

Not if Mark inspected it, without fixing the problem first.

I will not place the sign of they don’t fix this kind of stuff.

I got an association to protect!



You’re just to nit-picky!! :shock: . . . just wonderful words! . . . my clients appreciate the fact that I am, in their words, “appreciate you being nit-picky” . . . keep up the good work!