Hi all,

Here are some pictures from one of todays inspections. Being in Florida we don’t get many homes like this.

The home is in a hilly area of Central Florida. The back yard slopes a lot.
At some point a previous owner enclosed the screen porch. They then added on a deck and the bonus room.



plywood footer.JPG





Just a few others. It turned out to be an experience.







Don’t they use kick-outs in Fla??

You’ll be writing for a week with that thing.


I had a real gem today too. Still writing up the discrepancies. Thought I would take a break. Your’s looks worse than mine though. At least mine didn’t have a crawl

The best part was listening to the buyers agent explain how everything was just cosmetic because it could all be fixed. She told the buyer that she could get a few good handymen from the local penny saver to repair the minor issues I found. I could hear everything they spoke about while going through the attic. I told the client that with the practices taken for the room additions I really doubt that any permits were pulled. That he needed to check with the AHJ.

I did thank the client for hiring me because I could write a complete training course from the photos taken at this house.

I love the 1/2 inch waferboard that is used as the footer for the piers.

I had one a few weeks ago, where they didn’t even bother to use wafer board for the footer. Just put the “cracked and broken” cinder blocks on the loose ground, and stacked them about 15 degrees off plumb. Naturally it was a homeowner do-it-your-self type job without permits. :slight_smile:

Thanks Greg.

I’ve never seen anyone turn blocks on their side and use OSB underneath “just to firm it up a bit”. Dry Pack the hollow section of the blocks used as piers and it should be OK. :slight_smile:

I like the roof/eave & window setup. Nice.

Was this out in the middle of nowhere. Projects like that usually get stopped where I’m from.


i saw a house burn down, to the foundation, last month and now they are rebuilding it all. according to that agent, the ashes were just cosmetic, because it could all be fixed. some agents will say ANYTHING to get a commision.:roll: :shock:

Greg, I had a real gem in Sanford that had a leak in the sewage in the crawl space. While I am under the house the realtor takes a dump and sewage comes leaking out near my head. Exit stage left


You’ve gotta love it. Great pictures Greg. Nice neat job. I assume you are in the attic when you took this picture and that is a vent.

kick outs ?