Toilet Does Not Always Flush...Why?

Dude, there is an obstruction. You may have to remove the toilet to get to it. More often than not, you will find the obstruction above the water line, in the first crook of the flush tube. A piece of plastic, tampon tubes (is this the right terminology?), even a toothpick, can get stuck sideways here, and a common toilet snake will go right past it every time. Once, I even found the lid of a cold cream jar which was acting like an intermittent valve. Sometimes the tiolet would flush, sometimes not. You might try the old coathanger with a crook in it trick, to see if you can grab whatever is in there. If you’re not handy with coathanger technology, call a plumber.

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I wonder if the OP ever discoverd a fix for his problem? :mrgreen:

Yes he ended up becoming “Homey Spector”.

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You can buy a Chinese toilet for as little as $70. Quite possible quality has something to do with it.

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If the flush lever doesn’t work at all, there may be one of two problems with your toilet. If the tank is empty, the toilet will not flush. The tank is filled with water from the supply line running into your toilet tank.

The valve for this is usually on the wall behind the toilet bowl. Make sure the valve is open, and then check inside the tank to make sure the float is not stuck or obstructed. The second issue may be that the chain connecting the flush lever to the flapper is broken or too loose.

This prevents the flapper from opening and closing, and this prevents the toilet from flushing. Check the chain or wire that connects the lever to the flapper. If it is a chain, remove some links to tighten it, or replace it if the chain is too tight. If the lever is connected with a wire, loosen the screw on the lever arm and adjust the length of the wire.

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I agree with Jimmy, intermittent performance indicates an obstruction that moves around causing the intermittent problem. My daughters was a spoon, I have heard of toys etc. Only way to be sure is to pull the toilet and investigate.

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Have you checked the float level? Try pouring couple gallons water in toilet bowl, see if the increased volume allows it to drain ok, It should drain right down if no obstruction. If level in bowl rises you have an obstruction.