Toilet in front of bathtub

Today I had a bathtub behind the toilet. There was space on both sides of the toilet and front space was fine.

Drain pipe is expensive brother. the closer, the better!

Wow, now that is stupid. It should be turned around. At least that way when your sick and its coming out both ends your in the ideal position.

Now that’s a funny set up.

The wife got tired of hubby staring at her while in the tub.

Wow, never came across that one before.
Just amazed at the stupidity of some people. :slight_smile:

I agree. You can also relieve yourself when the sound of the shower makes you have to go.:shock:

Wash hair same time ?

I agree with turning the toilet around, that way you dont have to pee in the tub if you have to go durring the shower, just move back the curtain and there you go…, of course you may be mopping the floor…