Toilet Inspections

The toilet is attached, not “attacked” to floor… haha And I wouldnt consider them “complicated fixtures”.
Also, I have always wondered what the SOP means when it says that we are only required to test a “representative number of windows”… What does that even mean? One per room? One per house? I just check every single one…

Even in occupied houses?

Every one that I can get to, yes. I dont want a phone call or bad review after they move in because one of the windows was faulty, missing balancers, or would not lock. I find windows very often that were too large for the opening, or the frame is wrong size, and they do not lock because it doesnt close completely

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Here’s a few threads you can use to see if crap flushes properly.

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Toilets were a Big Thing back in Hoboken at Stevens University… :duck:

Big John

Stevens’ “Big John” Helped Make Homes, Hotels Happier

The distinctive lime-green, 11-story water-pressure tester on the Hoboken waterfront was raised by fixture manufacturer American Standard in 1972 as part of a U.S. government project to improve plumbing technologies in apartment buildings. Stevens professors Daniel Savitsky and the late Thomas Konen helped secure the funding, and Konen later directed the lab.