What were they thinking

Saw this in a new construction. Every one of the toilet shut-off valves were pushed up against the toilet base. They could not be operated. The builder was VERY PO’d at me for calling this out. I just think that he should get another plumbing sub.

The truth hurts when you do something wrong. Makes you wonder what else he did wrong there that can’t be seen

Will, you did your job right!

How did you find out the builder was Po’ed?

That is one of those opps moments

New construction needs to be held to a higher values. If that was in a 20 year old bathroom what are you going to say, but in a new bathroom the shutoff valves should operate.

If it was like that in a 20 year old house, I would report that it doesn’t operate and recommend repair. There is no difference to me. :slight_smile:

That kind of stuff really pisses me off when I see it. The idiot who installed knew dam well it was wrong but JUST LEFT IT!!! Example’s like this really show the low level of concern that our contractors have these days.

Valve was installed before the toilet. Whoever installed the valve got the measurement wrong or was given the wrong measurement or they changed to a different (wider) toilet after the valve and drywall were installed and the plumbing sub didn’t want to come back, or didn’t feel like he should have to come back for free.

Depending on what’s behind the drywall it could be:

  1. pull the toilet;
  2. cut out the drywall;
  3. drill the stud;
  4. cut the old pipe;
  5. cut new pipe;
  6. solder it all together;
  7. pay for drywall patching and paint;
  8. re-install the toilet.

Would you want to pay for that work if the mistake wasn’t your fault?

It’s not always the sub-contractor’s fault. There are builders out there who are really cut-throat and really cheap.

Perfectly right to call it out.

Looks like it might be more of a pain, the walls look like some kind of paneling/contoured thing. At that point it might be easier to find a new “thinner” toilet.

My point is that the GC, the builder is ultimately responsible. You are buying the house from him and therefore he has the responsibility to deliver a good house. In the old days, around these parts, the GC was an older guy who had actually been there and done that. Today, the GCs are usually just money guys who manage paper and not tradesmen. The GC has the responsibility to manage and supervise all work, but they no longer seem to be doing that, at least in the Chicagoland area.

I agree. By “builder” I mean GC not the developer. They were pretty good about checking that stuff on most jobs I was on in CA and CO.

Not so much around here, Kent. I also agree that the poor grunt who put this valve in, or the poor grunt who installed the toilet had no concern, whatsoever, for their pride of workmanship. Hire cheap labor and you get crap work.

Nuff said!

Even sadder when you see crap like that from top payed union labor.

Reminds me of this stupidity

Do you have a wider view? That doesn’t look like a typical toilet base.


Cameron, that’s how it looks when you accidentally install it 90 degrees off. :mrgreen: