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Good morning everyone,

I have a couple of questions. yesterday I had a inspection for a condo in a 82 two year old building. The bathroom had a tankless toilet I couldn’t make out the name of the manufacturer Does anyone have any idea what company manufactured this style of toilet and also what are the two valves next to toilet called. I think that standard made some before they changed to American standard.



Sloan is the other company that comes to mind.

As for the two valve, one a supply cutout and the other to bleed pressure off?

Just a guess…


Maybe a manual mixing valve set-up for suppling warm water to toilet (condensation)?

Could also be in-line shut-off valves leading to sink or shower…have seen that before too. I don’t usually monkey with valves, but in this case I would have shut one off just to see what it was suppling so I could offer the client an answer, cause he’s probably going to ask the same question you did. I live on the edge sometimes-o<

The flush valve could be a Sloan or a Zurn, but it looks like a very old Zurn Aqua-Vantage back spud valve. The toilet itself is an obvious Elger model. This is a more commercial-style setup.

I agree with Darrell. Shut off valves for the sink/shower/or all of the above.

I have a problem shutting off valves. Somtimes they break and then who is holding the bag?

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I didn’t try to operate them either, it was a good opportunity to stick with a visual inspection.