Toilet leak (tank to bowl) detector dye tablets

Anyone ever use these tablets (included in conservation kits in link) to find leaks between toilet tank and bowl? Do they work? Is this a common problem?

I simply grab a piece of toilet paper and swipe the outer seal area under the tank. Quick and easy.

I get down and shine my light they stand out easy to see with a good light .
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It’s a common enough problem that I do it on every toilet.

I get down ans shine my light as well on both sides. Sometimes there just isn’t enough room for me but I do my best.

I also do it right after I flush the unit as that’s when the seal is “exposed” to the water.

A little food coloring in the tank works as well if you have to have a dye.
Cheaper than tablets and you can have your choice of colors.

left over Black coffee or tea also works and it is free.
I find I do not need colour to see the leak.
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You can get all the free dye tablets you want from Fluidmaster. Since they sell replacement toilet parts they are more that happy if you find a leak :slight_smile:

I carry a bunch of thier tablets with me but I never use them.

Okay, Paul, I’ll bite…why do you carry them if you don’t use them?

I don’t see it coming but I’ll probably get hammered…:smiley:

Legitimate question Larry,

I guess my reasons are as follows;

  1. They are free.
  2. They take very little room in a crevase of the bottom of bag somewhere.
  3. I was going to use them and just couldn’t be bothered with the extra few seconds it would take
  4. Just in case the is a situation sometime where I wish I had them.

I suppose if you flushed enough of them you could do a septic dye test. A lot of them :slight_smile: but I don’t really like septic dye tests anyways.

They’re kind of like “Pop Rocks” which is fun, but they stain your teeth blue.