Leaking Toilet

How do you test for a leaking flapper…listening, food coloring in the tank?

I listen and look. I’ve heard food dye works though.

Black Tea Black coffee Brown Milk or look at the water is it moving then there is a leak .

If its not obvious it is not a big deal.

I agree.

Often, if the flapper is removed and wiped off on the bottom and re-installed, it will quit leaking.

If it’s leaking enough to report, then you’ll hear it

Above being said I often remove tank models lids and check the water inlet valve which will have a wake pattern around it is there is leakage plus I often make sure the thing is not spraying .

99.9 percent of the time as sort of mentioned you can just push on the flap to reset it.

Thats enough time on this subject for me.

We use food dye with our company color. This is maintenance issue, NOT a major issue in our reports, the color is to illustrate the maintenance issue while reviewing the inspection findings with buyer(s)-- The kids love …;0)

If it intermittently just runs the flapper is leaking, if you see water ripples in the bowl and haven’t flushed its leaking. If its too slow to notice these things, I don’t really worry about it. I’m not putting dye in toilet tanks to test for this.

Around here it’s a hot button topic right now. The water company just sent out a flier to home owners saying that even a small leak can cost you big dollars over time.
The signs that I look for are:
(1) Any hissing noise
(2) Ripples in bowl
(3) Ripples in tank
(4) Tank water level at very top of overflow tube

Just use your finger on the side of the bowl.lol it also doubles for the taste test for chlorine