Toilet Paper Holder In Shower...

… gives new definition to multi-tasking.

I had to do a double take on this one. LOL

hope you like wet TP

That almost laps my Okie Bidet photo posted on a different thread…haha

Obviously, this was originally a bathtub only with no shower. Not that uncommon in older homes. It went south when the homeowner installed the handheld shower kit.

Showerhead in shower… barely.


Thats a pretty crappy installation !!!

They’re actually used a lot around here for people that walk around barefoot a lot. They stick a sheet of sandpaper on the roller and then roll their foot in it. It’s a lot easier than bending way over to use soap on the bottom of their feet.

Thats a grab bar silly.

We recently bought a Richwood toilet caddy from Better Living. Pretty good stuff of rich espresso rubber wood. The magazine rack and extra tissue roll holder both seems extraordinary and it make sure that the stock is not rolled out. As they are height adjustable, it can be made to any length depending upon our convenience. What’s your opinion about toilet paper holder with bamboo finish? Is it better than chrome finish?

Some people enjoy wet wipes :wink:

Now that is interesting a good picture to post in Picture of the month…