I need to get out more!

Ran into this at a home today in the walk-in shower. It had me baffled until I got home and Googled it. It was solidly attached to the wall and had what felt to be a water nozzle under it.
tft1.JPG tft2.JPG

Turns out it was simply a foot rest, I imagined something more exotic. The suspected water nozzle was only the suction cup mechanism lever:


You mean you don’t use one of those? Get with the times, Michael. :mrgreen:

I’m sure since you thought something exotic, let the imagination run wild, so tell us all what you really thought it was?

I use mine every day. Helps with us old guys ya know. LMAO

I have a pet name for mine, it’s called ‘soap dish’.


Don’t feel bad, I haven’t seen one before either.:wink: I think I will put one in my shower!!


No wonder I kept falling off when I tried to sit down on it…

Is the safety handrail included, or is that sold separately?