the model number says 24 so its a two ton
the model says 48 so its a 4 ton… the question is - what is the 24 or the 48?

1 ton = 12,000 btus

thank you

30 = 2-1/2…12+12+6


The “24” means it removes 24,000 btus (2 tons) of heat an hour.

thank you

Attached are a few pics which should explain a little better tonnage and BTU’s.

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good pics, have not run across those !

In the Carson Dunlop training.

Just curious but why do you guys worry about this ?
Are you commenting on if the unit is sufficient and doing calculations ?

Personally I run the unit and check how it feels inside often with a infrared thermometer to check temp at the actual vents rather than pretend I am a HVAC TECH.

Might be required in some areas to report capacity Bob. Some software has it in as well. I always report the capacity, that is it.

Since when does placing the size of a A/C unit in a HI report make one a HVAC TECH Bob you are getting weird and yes that is a insult.

Most inspectors I know place the size and the date of MFG in the report what is the big deal about that.

PS I also put the average life expectancy of the compressor and the heat exchanger in the report I have for 18 years its not a big deal either just useful information:shock: