Rheem Air Handler

There is a big debate as to the size of this unit. Please help and provide information as to its size.

Got it, its a 5 ton as I thought…thanks anyways…

either 2 or 4 tons?
I might be way wrong, but I was taught a rule of thumb in order to determine the capacity of an AC was to look at the model number and somewhere in it, there will be a 2 digit number that is divisible by either 6 or 12.
If using that logic, I’ll go with the first 2 digits (24) and divide it by 6, making it a 4 tons (or a 2 tons if divided by 12)

It’s the heat being calculated (from 14 kwh - 1 kWh = 3412.14163312794 btu) from the air handler data plate, not cooling capacity from the compressor data plate. Comes to a maximum of almost 48,000 btus (or 4 tons) of heat. We need to see the data plate for the compressor to calculate the cooling capacity.

That model # is indicating 2 ton (24) with only two strips of heat not likely a 5 ton unit unless someone really messed up as you know anything is possible

4 ton if you are going with the rules of 12000 BTU’s/ton

Actually 24 is the size of the cabinet opening, the 14 is the KW of heat and the last letter with the 24 inch cabinet is what gives it away.

I know it has been a bear on my end as well, but the last letter means that with a 24 inch cabinet size the compressor is 5 ton.

Newer and older way to read Rheem air handlers per the Rheem website

Manufacturers allow air handlers to be oversized by up to one ton. Some installers may go even higher than that. Accordingly I don’t think one can accurately judge the cooling capacity by the size of the air handler.

Why are we trying to determine size of the compressor at the air handler?!

How did you determine the compressor was 5 ton?

2 ton the way I read it.

See page 6


I will stick with 4 ton.

Based on what?

Ahu are typically rated by CFM of air not tonnage X amout of CFM should be used in conjunction with X amout of cooling Tonnage. Want to know the A/C tonnage go to the exterior condensing unit why are you trying to use a furnace # am I missing something here. I say again you typically do not see two heat strips on a AHU that serves CFM rated for 5 tons of cooling


Where are you seeing 4 tons at not in the # provided

“I will stick with 4 ton.”


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Number provided is from a new unit with R410A. The unit in question is most likely R22 and as stated if indeed it is 48000 BTU’s than it has to be 4 ton. If it was new then it could be 3 ton according to higher SEER rating. Again I am just trying to understand why Russell says 5 ton and Michael says 2.

I am confused as to why or how anyone is even attempting to determine the size of the cooling capacity from information provided on the air handler data tag.

The original post asked for the “size of this unit” and provided a photo of the data tag from a heating unit. The size of the heating unit is 48K Btu. The cooling capacity, however, cannot be determined from the information that has been provided, IMO.