A/C age

Please identify age of A/C and tonnage Model NAC024GKC3
Serial EO53732773, International Comfort
Carson Dunlop Tech. Ref. Guide not usful

That is why I do not use any guide. Everyone needs to learn how to really read those Model numbers and serial numbers. About 99% of the time it is right there in front of you. It is really very simple. The model number will almost always tell you the approx. capacity of the unit. in this case the numbers 024GK indicates it is 24,000 Btu per hour. There are 12,000 BTU per ton, making this one a two ton unit. I personally do not ever use “tonnage” but rather the actual BTU per hr. The age is almost always encoded in the Serial number. There is a gouge sheet floating around on the BB and has been for years. Many manufactures use a combination of letters and numbers. Sometimes the first two numbers are the last two digits of the year followed by two digits to indicate weeks (sometimes months). I also look at the condition of the system (especially a split system). This is not always true, sometimes it is the opposite so get the gouge sheet. If I see it is is relatively new and clean looking that too gives me some indications. Often you will find one part of the system has been replaced while the other half is still the original, even a different brand. You have to look at it from a systems approach. Find the gouge sheet, make a copy and carry it in your inspection notebook. If you do not have an inspection notebook make one. I rely on mine on every inspection. I carry nice to know and needed to know items in it like charts, etc. It is a quick reference guide. Just for giggles I believe without seeing the equipment it is a 2005 model based on the Serial#. The letter in front often is a code for where the manufacturing plant ID. This way they can track where faulty equipment is being made as well as other considerations. There are other little tricks but I won’t go into those here because I do not intend to defend any of it to the “rule of thumb” crowd. Finally, if you can, go take a HVAC course. You won’t regret it. Many fairy tales that HI tell will be cleared up.

Now, when you come upon a really old POC HVAC system, these rules will most likely not apply; chances are good it is time to budget for replacement if it is still working. Just found a 29 year old Heat pump still working but looks like it fell out of space. Just a pile of rusted junk.

Now, having said all that; what do you do when the data tag is gone or unreadable. Just say so. Unless you want to learn how to read the plate on top of the compressor and that is another whole can of worms.

On that one, the E is the plant number, 05 is the year, and 37 is the week, making it August 2005 or so.

Curious if anybody can help me with the age of this AC unit

Yes I can go here…
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Fujitsu HVAC age | Building Intelligence Center

Curious if anybody can help me with the age of this AC unit

Serial number is JRN021509
Model number is AOU12RLS2

It would be great if we knew the friggin’ manufacture …Huh?
Let me take out my crystal balls…:smiley:
Go to the link in the previous reply…OK!
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HVAC -PRODUCTION DATE/AGE | Building Intelligence Center