Too Picky?

The faucet sprayer did not work, so I wrote it up. Too picky???:smiley:

I always write that up.
If you do not , your client will think you are not picky enough.

Is this a lecture Bob. :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::wink:

If you know its wrong and DON’T write it up, be prepared to pay for its repair/replacement.

Does not function as designed.

Had to think about that… elephant brain.

Smart a-s.*** :slight_smile:

Just funnin with you Bob. :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Write it up. You gotta please the Mrs, or Misters, or whatever.

I vote you’re a deal killer :mrgreen:

Funny thing is,… At my second inspection today (minus the buyer because of military obligations) Agent pulled up, and I greeted him in the driveway, introduced myself and all he had to say was,… “You’re not one of them nit picky fellas I HOPE!” and walked right past my outstretched hand shake… :shock:

I got a huge grin on my face and said,… Well,… I guess I wont be giving him any “extra” business cards to hand out. :twisted:

Hand him one anyway , and he will call you for those he actually cares about.

All I hear from everyone is how I should walk in to RE offices.

My business tripled this year and 3 months to go.

I can still lay claim to never having walked into an Agent office.(since becoming an Inspector.)

Not sure what my point is other than bragging and saying to keep your princples Peter.

…This saturday I am giving a seminar lecture to first time home buyers.

Ahh— your full of crap Condo Bob----:lol:—:lol:—:lol:

And Brian is a deal killing bastard----:p—:-&—:cool-cat:—:bug:—:margarit:

Pete, keep up the good work----:lol:—:lol:—:lol:

Come on Dale,… he said his business has “tripled” Soooooooo technically he could be truthful,… maybe he did 10 inspection last year,… this year he has done 30. :mrgreen:

I got your back Bob! :D:neutral::roll::wink:

Oh that is funny Pete, but nonetheless…Ole’ Condo Bob is a good guy!!----:cool:

I can’t keep my mouth shut, I would have said something like, “I wasn’t till you showed up”.
Hate self-appointed gifts to the industry.

Y’all on crack, water is visibly running through it…what are you writing up? I’d insert an emoticom but can’t find one to fit…

Barry, I’m with you.

Is Brian referring to the low flow at the aerator thingy?

We have real sprayers up here. :wink:

Watch it , I am not as ole as most of you guys.

Hmmmm , I smell a poll. :slight_smile:

Watch it, I am not that old,or not as close to it as some of you dust breath wind buckets.:slight_smile:

Hmmmm, I smell a poll.

I’m guessing its a combo faucet/ veg. sprayer handle with the rubber switch on top to make it shower spray. It didn’t work in “spray” mode I presume.