Toolbox offers InterNACHI members a deal on credit card processing

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“I’ve analyzed the credit card statements of hundreds of inspectors”.

How do you have access to hundreds of inspectors credit card statements and do they know you have monitored their account?


Trade secret, and no, they don’t know. And I don’t “monitor” their accounts. Email me your last statement and I’ll analyze yours.

Available in Canada?

That’s scary.

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So is a “free for all” forum. It is getting scary!

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So, why don’t you post some details here, instead of making people “apply”?


It’s not really an application, just a way for us to contact them.

Great question. That’s why I didn’t apply. I’ve been through enough of these “deals” before, with very few details, to be leary before I give up my information.

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Do members get a better rate than their published rates? 2.6 is good, but I get 2.8 from Stripe (Spectora deal) so would need better than a .2% difference to switch.

Yes. Members get a better deal and none of those many other charges you are paying with Stripe.

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That’s awesome!

Actually when using Stripe with Spectora there are no additional fees.

From Spectora…

Get a Better Rate + More Features
Due to our growing size we’ve been able to negotiate a better bulk rate for our inspectors by becoming our own payment provider! By using Spectora Payments , you’ll get 2.75% + 30 cents per transaction as a flat rate with no additional fees. And it only takes a couple minutes to set up! You’ll also get tighter feature integration, like taking payments in the mobile app with a slick camera interface and the ability to process refunds on-platform .

Thanks Nick! I was just looking into switching systems.

How quick do we get access to the funds? My current provider may be a little high on fees but I generally have access to my money within 10 mins of processing the transaction.

And if it is Stripe I’m not interested because they have some “woke” issues I’m not willing to support.

Is it me or did I miss any details like what the actual rate is - there’s always a lot of fanfare but I don’t want to apply to find out what the rate is - just what is the rate?

I’m not willing to publish that information publicly because this program is only for members. Plenty of business reasons for this position that I can explain if you are interested.

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Nick, I’m sure you can understand why we wouldn’t commit to anything without knowing the rate charges. Can’t you please find a way to get that to the members?

Why not post the secret better than sliced bread rate in the members only section?

Anything visible to 29,000+ people: is public.

There is another reason too. I don’t have the time and energy to deal with anyone who won’t even tell us who they are. I’m not here to sell anything, ever. If they can’t even reveal who they are, I’m pretty much OK with screening them out of the savings. This deal I put together will likely save you more than InterNACHI membership costs, but it isn’t for every member. The simple form is basically a screening system.

Can this be set up to work on Homegauge Software?