Tools For Sale

I’m selling some extra equipment. Some for home inspection; some office; some for recording Chapter Meetings, Training Sessions or Realtor Meetings. Email if interested in anything

19’ Werner / Blue fiberglass extension ladder. Used once.

IBM Selectric Typewriter & Stand

Sprint Mobile Broadband Card for Computers

Brother 775 Inteligent Fax

HP OfficeJet Pro K550 Printer (never unpacked)

Sony TRV615 HandyCam (used twice) and See Next Item

Nady Sound Recorder / Mixer with Microphones (used twice)






Dan, I know business is in the tank here, but I did not know it was this bad for you. Myself, I am still looking for work elsewhere, but just is nothing around. Perhaps someday these 31,000 homes in our area that are for sale will start selling again. I would like to get a new web site, take IR classes, do some advertising, but I gotta eat first.

Maybe if you had a newer website, took those classes and did some proper advertising, you wouldn’t be where you are now.

I bet you are right. Web site is about 8 years old, and is dated compared to others. Recently I delivered 5,000 flyers to RE offices. Last year I had to stop my radio show due to the cost. Did some RE magazine advertising two months ago. Advertising in High School activity books this year, but no results as of yet. Some church bulletins have worked well in the past, but not recently. In the past, over 6,000 homes here were selling every month. Now it is about 1,800. Dan and I talk often, and we are just not doing the business like we did last year. We talk and compare what other inspectors are doing. We both agree it is the $199 to $249 guys that are getting the business. Sad that they do not provide the services that veteran inspectors do.

Dan, hope you sell your stuff listed. Myself, I sold my truck and bought a used 2006 Canyon. May be listing my home for sale this fall.

So you can’t do 200 a year at $249.00 ?

Get top dollar. Sell your gadgets and electronics at