Certified Master Inspector's website passes ASHI's.

According to Alexa.com an Amazon.com company, the following are a few of the inspection industry’s most popular websites.

The lower the rank the better (fewer sites ahead of it): Google has an Alexa rank of 1. Facebook a rank of 2. YouTube a rank of 3. Yahoo a rank of 4. Amazon.com a rank of 10.

Here is how the race is going in the inspection industry. InterNACHI’s website is of course in first place, well ahead of any other inspection-related website.

  1. NACHI.org with a rank of 22,506.
  2. HomeGauge.com with a rank of 107,344.
  3. www.HomeInspectorPro.com with a rank of 217,773.
  4. RecallChek.com with a rank of 318,679.
  5. InspectorOutlet.com with a rank of 389,047.
  6. CertifiedMasterInspector.org with a rank of 503,488.
  7. ASHI.org with a rank of 506,228.

Good for CMI and its members … Thanks … Roy

ASHI never really recovered from their huge marketing blunder.

Others have not either Joseph.:wink:

ASHI is for losers.

I thought that was West Virginia. :wink:

Which huge blunder?

good news for us!

What was it… “We Speak House” something or other? Before I was a member.

Yep. Oooga Booga, we speak house! LOL

That’s back when InterNACHI and ASHI went separate directions. ASHI decided to use member dues to mostly promote (brand) itself and so couldn’t afford to offer any member benefits. InterNACHI did the reverse and decided to use InterNACHI money to promote its members locally and offer tons of free www.nachi.org/benefits.htm and approved education www.nachi.org/education.htm

InterNACHI’s business model worked for both InterNACHI and InterNACHI members and InterNACHI grew to be the lone superpower of the inspection industry around the world. During that time ASHI has become a mini-association of suckers who pay dues for little more than logo usage. Today, the ASHI logo stands for “idiot.”

ASHI is also a large political association, donating money to any state RE association, lobbyist, politician, all to promote state HI licensing, and any other RE interest. ASHI buddy-ups with most RE offices, to promote their so-called agendas. This is why RE office brokers push their agents to suggest ASHI inspectors to clients, so as the ASHI HI has more money to donate to ASHI causes, which benefit the RE’s.

However, with ASHI members dwindling in droves, some RE offices are starting to wake up. I recently was invited, yes, to that KW office where they never let me in for any reason for years. This is a large 200 agent office in a high traffic location in KC. Seems that they are thinking the other way, finally.

Great to hear Gary and all you need to do is get on linkedIn and you will have tons of RE’s following you. I see Nick and many other are doing the same. You might even get an endorsement from some of your best RE’s.

Sorry Gary I noticed you are on linkedIn.