Torch Down roof in form

Just wondering what others put in the 1802 for modified bitumen or torch down.
Its not a membrane or a built up roof theoretically. Do you put it in other??

Lets see how this one plays out. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mark it as membrane, because that is what it is. It is different from a “single-ply” membrane (TPO, EPDM, PVC), but still a membrane.

Thats what I have been putting. Just wanted to see if I could “stir the pot.”:mrgreen:

I don’t think the pot will get stirred on this one.:smiley: It really doesn’t matter much if you put mod-bit in the Built-up row. I do save that one for Tar & Gravel or smooth multi-ply felts.

I thought it was just a large shingle :stuck_out_tongue:

just kidding of course.

Thanks for the chuckle love it … Roy

Modified Bitumen is less about the material and more about the application as MB can and is used on built-up roofing systems. Built-up roofing refers to any roofing system that is installed in multiple layers, using asphalt as the primary water-prooofing component. The built-up roofing system may use standard felts or modified bitumen felts…

I put built-up. But as Brad said…doesn’t matter

Of the three types of membrane that I see…cold pressed
torch down, peel and stick, are the life expectancy the same?