Built up and Membrane Roofing

I inspected this roof today. On the back side of what looked like a typical gable roof, there were two additional sections of roofing. The white material appeared to be a membrane and the black material looked like built up roofing. There was some bubbling/blistering and lifting seams on both materials. Any additional considerations or anything I’m missing? I haven’t seen any other residential examples of these materials in my local area. Thanks!

Whatever the material is, it sure needs a Roofing Company to repair as necessary.
It looks like a variety of material that can only be verified first hand, but it don’t look very good. :wink::smiley:

I agree Marcel! Is this “wrap” around the electrical mast typical for a membrane installation?

It is for a Redneck. LOL

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Oh come on! not everyone is as neat :smiley: