Toronto Home Inspector now serves Durham, York and Peel Regions

360 Degrees Building Inspections now serves Durham, York and Peel Regions. I’m based in Toronto and serve the GTA

Follow this link for areas served MAP
Tel.# 416-722-6132

Hopefully you charge extra for mileage going to Oakville or Oshawa as opposed to doing inspections in Toronto.

I have never charged my clients extra $ for mileage,…ever. :wink:

My Home Inspection fee starts at $425.00 and has been as high as $750.00 for “monster homes” up to 4000sq ft. Can you imagine charging an additional .10 or .20 cents for mileage?..not professional in my opinion.

Mario, my prices also start from $ 399 (that does not include GST BTW), but going as far as Oakville or Oshawa from where you are, is not only gas expense. It is also time expense. So if you are stuck in traffic on your way back home from the inspection and you still need to prepare your report at home and send it to the client same day, your hourly rate drops significantly, not to mention the gas and vehicle wear and tear. I have a defined area, which is within 40 km from my place of business. Anything beyond that is subject for travel surcharge.

**I just finished a rare Sunday IR inspection using my NEW Flir B360