Townhouse fire barrier?

Anyone have a good narrative for this? I noticed the joint compound/tape peeling off the drywall between units.

May be something like this

“The firewall taping along seams in attic are damaged and/or incomplete. Drywall joints shall be taped or sealed. Joints shall be fitted so that the gap is no more than 1/20-inch with joints backed by either solid wood or another layer of drywall such that the joints are staggered. Refer to a qualified contractor for corrective repair.”

Not trying to be smart here, but can’t you just say " noted the joint compound/tape peeling off the drywall between units"?.

Fire barrier has been compromised, exposed joints with a gap. Recommend correction by a qualified contractor to maintain fire barrier .

I like the narrative but I try to stay away from telling people how to fix stuff. I use the same narrative as I would for peeling tape or gaps in a garage firewall. On a side note. Looks like you got a roof leak too.

“Duty of care” requires the inspector to not just specify the deficiency, but also report the impact on the client.

Water stains on the roof decking, water stains on the wall board, deteriorated tape joints.

Evidence of past or present leaking. Repair as needed.