TPR Flexible Drain Line

Does anyone have printable info on TPR drain line material? Looking for something that requires smooth wall pipe rather than flexible corrugated copper tubing.

** **504.6 Requirements for discharge piping. ****
The discharge piping serving a pressure relief valve, temperature relief valve or combination thereof shall:

  1. Not be directly connected to the drainage system.
    2. Discharge through an *air gap *located in the same room as the water heater.
    3. Not be smaller than the diameter of the outlet of the valve served and shall discharge full size to the air gap.
    4. Serve a single relief device and shall not connect to piping serving any other relief device or equipment.
    5. Discharge to the floor, to the pan serving the water heater or storage tank, to a waste receptor or to the outdoors.
    6. Discharge in a manner that does not cause personal injury or structural damage.
    7. Discharge to a termination point that is readily observable by the building occupants.
    8. Not be trapped.
    9. Be installed so as to flow by gravity.
    10. Not terminate more than 6 inches (152 mm) above the floor or waste receptor.
    11. Not have a threaded connection at the end of such piping.
    12. Not have valves or tee fittings.
    13. Be constructed of those materials listed in Section 605.4 or materials tested, rated and *approved *for such use in accordance with ASME A112.4.1.


Brass pipeASTM B 43Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) plastic pipe and tubingASTM D 2846; ASTM F 441; ASTM F 442; CSA B137.6Copper or copper-alloy pipeASTM B 42; ASTM B 302Copper or copper-alloy tubing (Type K, WK, L, WL, M or WM)ASTM B 75; ASTM B 88; ASTM B 251; ASTM B 447Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) plastic tubingASTM F 876; ASTM F 877; CSA B137.5 Cross-linked polyethylene/aluminum/cross-linked polyethylene
(PEX-AL-PEX) pipeASTM F 1281; ASTM F 2262; CSA B137.10M Cross-linked polyethylene/aluminum/high-density polyethylene
(PEX-AL-HDPE)ASTM F 1986Ductile iron pipeAWWA C151/A21.51; AWWA C115/A21.15Galvanized steel pipeASTM A 53Polyethylene/aluminum/polyethylene (PE-AL-PE) composite pipeASTM F 1282Polyethylene of raised temperature (PE-RT) plastic tubingASTM F 2769Polypropylene (PP) plastic pipe or tubingASTM F 2389; CSA B137.11Stainless steel pipe (Type 304/304L)ASTM A 312; ASTM A 778Stainless steel pipe (Type 316/316L)ASTM A 312; ASTM A 778

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Go here to see Section 605:

Thanks Charles! I just found similar:

608.5 Drains. Relief valves located inside a building shall be provided with a drain, not smaller than the relief valve outlet, of galvanized steel, hard drawn copper piping and fittings, CPVC, or listed relief valve drain tube with fittings which will not reduce the internal bore of the pipe or tubing (straight lengths as opposed to coils) and shall extend from the valve to the outside of the building with the end of the pipe not more than two (2) feet (610 mm) nor less than six (6) inches (152 mm) above the ground or the flood level of the area receiving the discharge and pointing downward. Such drains may terminate at other approved locations. No part of such drain pipe shall be trapped or subject to freezing. The terminal end of the drain pipe shall not be threaded.

There are, unfortunately, 2 recognized plumbing codes.:sad:
You quoted from the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC)
I quoted from the International Plumbing Code (IPC)

Some jurisdictions use the IPC while others use the UPC & some use both :mrgreen:

And Wisconsin does their own thing :wink:

For those interested: 2013 CALIFORNIA PLUMBING CODE (Part 5 of Title 24) based on the 2012 Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) published by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials.

Here is one i found yesterday. This is from the crawlspace with the water heater in the garage. The 3/4 line was pvc and had 6 elbows and was plumbed into the main drain which had a p trap. Also that 2 " line was serving as a floor drain for the garage. I thought that part was odd but I only called out the TPR stuff.