TPR pipe material?

its amazing how many TPR pipes i see that are improper. i pretty much have been writing up anything that isnt copper (rigid). i have also seen a few that are labeled “TPR Pipe” but are just flimsey, flexible, thin plastic.

the IRC and UPC are different and sometimes i get caught in between. ie, IRC states pipe has to teminate within 6" to floor, IRC is 6"-24". IRC says it can drain into a pan and UPC cannot, etc… without determining what code is for each community, how do you all determine what you use for refernce?

Those flimsy are approved for TPR discharge Remember there is little pressure open discharge .Cost about $10:00 each
Roy Cooke

In first line what is saver, but I also believe it is best to know what the local requirments are and just to clarify, I would not reference code.

The State of Ohio follows the IBC/IRC. So I would assume that most Counties and incorporated jurisdictions follow the same, or at least a close version. Therefore, it would make sense that you use the “within 6 inches” rule.

Personally, I prefer the “6 to 24 inch” rule which just happens to be what my area follows.

thanks Jeff. makes sense to me!

ok then, so what about materials. both the IRC and UPC state:
“Same materials as allowed for water distribution” [2803.6.2]
“only galvanized, hard-drawn copper, CPVC” [608.5]

personally, i hate this because they sell those $10 POS and i know if a plumber came in they would tell the client or realtor that, “Your home inspector is an idiot, it says right on the pipe for TPRV drain!”

That’s because you’re relying on Code Check for your references.

Code Check is a great tool as a “refesher” if you are already familiar with the codes in your jurisdiction. These help to eliminate the need to carry around a library in your vehicle.

The problems with Code Check are - they give only partial information, and often they give the wrong reference. However, if you are already familiar with the codes, Code Check will get you close enough to find the applicable information.

Here is what the UPC actually states (bold is mine);

“galvanized steel, hard drawn copper piping and fittings, CPVC, or listed relief valve drain tube with fittings”

and here is the reference given from Code Check for the IRC;

“P2803.6.2 Relief valve drains. Relief valve drains shall comply with Section P2904.5 or ASME A112.4.1.”

So that $10 POS is actually allowed.

If you are going to make definitive statements, you need to get the code books.