TPR Valve on Cold water pipe

There it was on an old electric water heater. The cold water entered from the bottom of the tank and the TPR valve was about half way up the tank on the cold water pipe. Seems to me that this is rather a useless place to put a TPR valve. What say the plumbing gurus.

Temperature ain’t gonna reach the “pop-off” stage…it belongs on the hot water side. The tank is usually equipped with fittings for the TPR on the top and the side–both into the hot water.

Could it have been a pressure only relief valve?
Was there a TNPV, also?

I have seen where they have put tr valves on the cold water years ago but never TPRs .
The difference is the tr does not have the little leaver to test the valve for hard water build up ,
Jae is correct the TPR must be installed on the hot water out let.
Regardless it should be written up as incorrect.

Roy Cooke

Know what I mean?.. :wink:

I recently came across a system where the whole system was protected by a tpr valve placed outside, it came with an auto shutoff for the gas at the unit, strange but kinda cool.

Hi Mike,

You keep tantalizing us with descriptions but no pictures.
Sure would like to see what you are describing.:slight_smile:

Sounds like a WAGS

Thanks Barry. I haven’t seen one of these before.


Watts 210 valve perhaps?**

yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket!!

yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket!!