TPREIA / InterNACHI Annual Conference at Texas A&M University on October 4-5, 2014.

If anyone needs a 2012 IRC code book we have 2 for sale. Both new.

Still in shrink wrap … $92.50 ea + S/H;jsessionid=3C0BB4A39D1B484561A9E697B18C7998.worker_registrant?llr=c8ktqqcab&oeidk=a07e9kp1c0kb045249a

Interesting…now that I am a resident of TX it’s nice to see NACHI doing things in a state I finally live in…lol…have a GREAT SHOW guys.

We did a snail mailing to all our members in Texas today, reminding them of this event.

Hows everyone doing? Im in the middle of taking the next step, and that step is to take the texas state exam, I’ve been studying all notes over and over, and also have been doing few courses here on Nachi, a question for all…What should I study to help me pass on the first try, and also is paying for a Prep test worth it, here in Texas? I can get all the help I can guys!

What city are you in?