Traded in FLIR T250

I have a customer looking to sell his 1 year old FLIR T250. The guy has kept it in amazing condition, it literally looks new in the box.

It sells new for $12950.00. Email offers to

For some reason FLIR has 320x240 and 240x180 listed in the datasheet above. The correct resolution is 240x180.

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It may look like new but the important question is how many hours of operartion is on this camera and what is the warranty for the used camera?

Paying around $10,000 for a used 240X180 is a lot of money. For that amount you could buy three (3) 160X120 cameras with temp. range -20C to +250C with .1C sensitivity such as our model 4010.

From what I have mostly seen, used cameras are mostly not a good bargain when you factor in warranty issues. And if you have buyers remorse, there is not much you can do. That said, some people get a good deal from used equipment. Caveat emptor.

I would also add that some manf. are giving misleading information about the resolution. You have to look at the actual sensor format, not the format of the image constructed on the LCD which will be higher. You may have to dig in the manual for the sensor format but it is worth the hunt before you pay a lot of money for a camera you believe has much higher resolution than it really does.


FLIR is a major player in the IR industry, that you are implying is lying on their published detector array sizes? The company is worth 4.1 billion as of todays stock close. I seriously doubt a company of their size is going to risk it all by publishing the LCD output resolution as the detector array size.

On the flip side I do know of some IR camera sales people that show 640x480 images while marketing 160x120 cameras. - like these 160x120 cameras for example - same image on this page taken with the 640x480 HotShot HD-XT

Maybe if we take the “multiple camera for the same price” example you demonstrated we can formulate this. 4(160x120). Four 160x120 cameras and get 640x480.

Not sure where you are getting the $10k asking price from. The customer paid $12,950.00 originally. He just wants a fair market price for the camera, not $10k.


…harsh, bro.

My students can get a new IR camera, with 320x240 resolution, for less than a
used camera…<<>>… No, that is all I will say.

Haha, that’s all you really ever say, John. :roll:

That is what my students say :wink:

Legally, I am not suppose to say anymore because it stirs up the wrath of sales people who complain to the main company heads and they come down on me. I make a lot of people angry for the lowest price IR training and cameras in the USA.

Oh, you’re quite harmless now. :smiley:

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I’ll be talking to you soon John.

I thought it not so much harsh as it was elegant and educational - yet justified;-)


As usual your posts are nonsense and not worth a full response.
And I certainly did not state FLIR misrepresents its specs and neither do we.

You spend so much time on our website, I guess you have time on your hands.
We sell cameras to customers in your area all the time.

And you have avoided the issue of how many hours of operation with this used camera and what the warranty is.



…well there is what you stated, and since the only camera in this thread is the T250 (including the title of the thread) I have no idea what manufacture you are eluding to as mis-representing their detector array size. It is a pretty bold statement, so I was wondering what manufacture are you exactly talking about? Unless you throw an actual manufacture name I will just assume it is sales banter.

As far as the camera, I am not sure of the hours of operation. Is that something a T250 stores? I honestly have zero time with a T250. I have used a T400 on several occasions, but never checked to see if it had a time log feature. As far as warranty, FLIR cameras have a 2 year warranty (1 year standard, mail in registration for 2nd year free). This was a new policy for FLIR approx a year ago, so I will have to see if this is a 1 year or 2 year unit. Used cameras are not really my cup of tea.

These are great points you have brought up, and would need to be provided before any potential customer would want to pull the trigger on this or any used camera. I also think FLIR offers extended warrianties, although I am not sure if someone can buy one for a used camera. As I previously stated, used cameras are not my cup of tea. I would probably just end up giving anyone interested in the camera the sellers contact information and they can work it out.

As far as sales exposure, we have customers world wide, so providing you are on the planet you sell in to our area.