Traditional stucco: Bad details?

Brand new home with 3-part stucco. The bottom terminated at j-metal but no weep screed. As you can see in the mirror, framing is open to the weather. Gap between foundation and face of stucco averaged about 1 1/2". No caulking visible at any penetrations, no flashing above windows. Every window had that line of brick above it with no flashing anywhere. It looks like trouble waiting to happen to me.

You’d defintely call this with EIFS, but with three-part shouldn’t they have used a metal weep screed that met the wall, flashed the windows and caulked all penetrations? The builder is going to meet me there in the morning and I want to hear what he has to say. 6000 ft home.

Sounds like the winows are not installed to mfgrs specs.

The weepscreed is part of the stucco system according to ASTM.

And there should be backer rod and sealant joints with hardcoat stucco just like EIFS! Once again according to ASTM.

Imo Some of ASTM’s specs are over rated. But I do not make the rules.

Any kickouts?

They probably did not space the sheating 1/8 of an inch if it is osb as per their installation specs. When it gets wet the stucco will buldge.

Lick and stick brick put on over the finish. A couple winters and freeze and thaw cycles they might wiggle.

Could they have put the moisture barriers over the bottom nail fin on the windows creating a funnel? If not both layers of barrier at least one is over the fins on the bottom. When freeze and thaw cycles start it can and will push the stucco off the wall.