EIFS stucco (My first inspection)

Hello, I am doing an inspection on the house I rent, just for practice and I’m taking my state exam soon.

I’ve determined that part of the siding is EIFS I suspected it from the beginning because tapping on it sounded hollow.

I went to where the water faucet is and the stucco is cracked so I stuck my finger in there and could feel the foam backing.

If I were to inspect this house right now I would report it as

EIFS stucco needing further review by a qualifed EIFS stucco contractor because

  1. There does not appear to be any weep screed
  2. The siding comes completely down to the ground in some areas
  3. There are several cracks in need of repair allowing water infiltration
  4. Several areas are not caulked when adjoining different siding.

Please see pictures and tell me if I would be correct notice how far down the stucco comes and I can’t see any weep screed whatsoever.

I am a new member but will try to upload another picture

One more

This picture showing of course several cracks along the side of the stucco as well as touching the ground, there should be from my understanding several inches from the ground spacing

Just narrate your findings, Dustin.

And, welcome to our forum!..Enjoy. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thank you! Would you think that I’m correct in this? I feel I’m right but a little not confident because I’ve never done it before in practice.



Thank you very much

Unknown type of EFIS system.
Cracks in the assembly and grade clearance issues.
Recommend: Further review by a qualified EFIS/Dryvit professional.
Exterior Insulation And Finish System (EIFS)

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Thanks for the input… It is weird that it goes from EIFS to just covering the concrete slab foundation. with the stucco

Here’s is an EFIS assembly from todays inspection. Same as as your, covering/hiding the foundation only. Much nicer than your assembly.

You must take an image at the bottom of the assembly to understand if it is weep type or barrier type and was the assembly finished properly. The inspection today was Barrier EIFS poorly done.

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I see… from my understanding we should report all barrier EIFS because of the class action lawsuits. at least you can see that yours is barrier

Not really. It is done purposely!
Here is the inside of the poured concrete foundation that was apparently repaired. It was not.
Visible cracks.
Parged interior wall. Prior repair.

Spalling. Degraded concrete still visible on the floor.
Daylight clearly visible through pipe Penetration’s.
Gas lighting the purchaser.

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No! Inconclusive.

Observation: “Unknown type of EFIS system.”
Cracks in the assembly and grade clearance issues.
Recommend: Further review by a qualified EFIS/Dryvit professional.

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I guess I don’t understand… why would EIFS system be brought inside the house? I would be totally confused except to recommend further review

I concur. You do not understand.
That is why you are going to limit your liability.
Just report you do not know. Nothing wrong with that. EIFS and Stucco require training.

Okay I’ll do additional training offered by nachi … In my area less than 5% of homes have basements

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No. Report condition only!

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the reason for confusion is RY threw you a curve ball w/interior images of whatever off topic issues he was trying to explain
nothing to do with eifs or exterior finish…you’re not the crazy 1
i can’t tell from you images if eifs/stucco/whatever type cladding
if as you say there is foam behind the cladding possibly eifs
can you see mesh anywhere?
what color if present?
the finish coat can be applied to the foundation…not recommended & the alignment of wall to foundation being flush & sealed is a recipe for disaster if moisture ever does enter the wall assembly & has no way to get out
below are 2 ways for proper eifs terminations


when inspecting for fees:
absolutely advise a stucco/eifs specialist perform an in depth inspection w/moisture analysis & get this off your radar


I concur. ‘Unknown type of EFIS system.’
I believe in KISS. Keep It Simple Student.

Curve ball? What on the other side of the assembly has everything to do with failure. In the OP’s case, Slab on grade, the perimeter flooring assembly.

Disgruntled Homeowners File EIFS Synthetic Stucco Lawsuits
General Business Trial Group February 18, 2019

Recommend: InterNACHI. New Online Video Stucco/EIFS Course Designed Specifically for Home Inspectors. Ron Huffman, Expert on wall claddings.

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Home was clad with material consistent with EIFS stucco (Exterior Insulated Finish System). EIFS is non-permeable and is known for moisture related issues which are often concealed. I observed deficiencies or concerns such as EIFS in contact with soil, lack of adequate caulking and multiple cracks. Further damage may occur. Due to observed condition, recommend further evaluation by a qualified stucco contractor for moisture analysis and repairs as needed.

(Note: The existence of EIFS is not a defect. The condition of the EIFS is what matters.)