Tramex prices?

Besides Tool Experts at $899.95, does anyone have a less expensive source for a wet wall detector?

I recently purchased a Delmhorst BD-2100 w/ EIFS probes for around $450 from Professional Equipment.

Thanks for that Linus. I’ll be needing one of those too. I’m still looking for the best prices. I’m cheap that way.

You can get lucky if your willing to search ebay.

I picked up a Tramex survey encounter >$200 in great condition.

Hopefully, our NACHI discount with Tool Experts is still good. With the 10% off, the price is 809.96. That’s the best deal I’ve found, so far…

here’s a good place to start

After visiting the above site, a pop-up showed for this site:
posted for your interest and perusal

Brian Jones

like chris said, i would just use ebay, now adays there are really good sellers, just take a look at there positive feedback… you can get good quality things for really cheap prices… also if you goto i beleive, they offer 1 and 2 year warrenties on almost any electrical devices bought off ebay and other sites, just check with them first about the model, they are very paticular just like any warrenty company…

I’ve heard pros and con about purchasing equipment from e-bay. Have you purchased any inspection equipment from e-bay? If so, what is the return policy?

Like Adam said, ebay. I have bought several tools off ebay, the last thing a new GE Protimeter Surveymaster with auxiliary moisture probes and a pair of deep wall probes for less than $200.00. Good luck finding a deal.


I’ve been lucky … but also very selective. Ebay or any other auction site is buyer beware.