Moisture Meters, What do you use?

Hello everyone…I’m in the market for a Moisture Meter and have been looking at the GE Protimeter $499.00. Does anyone have any suggestions or meters you have purchased that you are satisified with. I don’t mind spending the $$ for a well made meter, however the prices range from $150-$500. I realize some have different materials they can test vs others, but how much is enough?

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Hello…The one I use is called
Tramex Encounter Plus, Non-Destructive Moisture Meter

I use Paul’s. But he doesn’t know that, so don’t tell him. He might come searching for me if he’s ever missing it. :smiley:

I’ve been quite impressed with the Tramex equipment.

As am I

Thanks Everyone… The Tramex looks like everything I would want, especially being non-Invasive. Time to start shopping!


I use the Delmhorst (with the EIFS/deep wall probes when needed). The pins do make slight pinholes, but they are not noticable, and I have nevr recieved a complaint.

It has worked very well for me and I can recommend it.

Russell…did it take me like 6 days to finally read your post…lol…Give me meter back fella…I knew someone was messing around in my van last week…:slight_smile:

I have and use the GE Protimeter SurveyMaster (BLD5360), I like it I also have the deep cavity probes for it.